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And Sarah Came Galloping Along…

This past weekend there was absolutely nothing on the telly. So I took the opportunity to catch up on some of the movies and TV

I mean, really?!

shows that I hadn’t had time to watch before and were clogging up my hard drive.

My mistake began at around 10am on Saturday morning when I pressed “Play” on Did You Hear About the Morgans? and spent the next 45 mins trying to give Hugh Grant a chance to redeem himself opposite Sarah Jessica Parker.

Forget the poorly written script and the actors’ obvious need for a “money gig”, the worst part for me was attempting to watch Sarah Jessica Parker on screen without screaming “SHUT UP, STOP WINGING AND LEARN TO ACT YOU STUPID BITCH!”. I turned the movie off just before an hour in because I just couldn’t bear it anymore. Now I will never know if they indeed caught the bad guy and survived the 90-odd minutes.

Hear are my reasons: She is not only a bad actress, but she is too skinny, funny-looking and dresses like she tries too hard. STOP IT, SJP, just stop it!

I will, in future, resist the urge to watch anything with old horse-face because she really and truly is painful unless it is a film where her character dies early on in the film never to return (a bit like Steven Seagal’s role in Air Force One).

For anyone who agrees with me, you may enjoy this website I found dedicated to Sarah. sarahjessicaparkerlookslikeahorse


Knocked Up

Yup that’s right, here at strawberrytwist our numbers are growing by one. We will keep you posted with all the updates and a week-by-week account of the little bean.

Please feel free to share your stories as our new mummy is a little bit clueless and will take all the advice she can get.


The Battle

Cycling for Dummies

Just when I finally got comfortable on my mountain bike, my other half decided that it was about time to get my ass on a road bike. GREAT IDEA! That was until I actually tried to ride the bloody thing.

It must have been a man who designed the female road bike and a pissed off man at that. There I was with my arse in the air, my face facing the ground and the stupid saddle digging in to my girly bits when I released that I wasn’t quite made to fit a bike. My belly is too big and my boobs too top heavy. Ironically, I had the perfect shape to justify exercise and diet but the worst shape to actually use the exercise equipment to make me skinny enough not to exercise.

So I came home and had some chocolate.

I will try again tomorrow.

Xin Nian Kuai Le


Happy New Year and Welcome to the Year of the Dragon!

Boys in Pink Tutus

This made us laugh, it’s been a while since we saw pretty little tutus and such beautiful choreography.

Well done boys!



So this is the very first strawberrytwist post.

Welcome and thanks for visiting.

We are a collection of eccentrics who find the strange in the world. The things that make you go “huh?”

We will endevour to bring you the latest rants and rambles from our twisted minds. We will share interesting links, videos and images that have stirred a little something in us.

Enjoy the ride, we do.


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